Particle Physics Research Proposal

Particle physics is a branch of physics which studies the structure, qualities and interrelation of particles. The major tool in the research of the theory of particles is quantum field theory. Briefly, every particle is not a piece of the entire matter, but a certain particular excitation of a Hilbert space. The world is observed in the sphere of particle physics as a vector in the Hilbert space of conditions, which turns in it with time. The main result of the modern theory of particle physics is the Standard Model. This theory has been checked on practice many time in the past and recently and it can be called a single theory of physics which describes the structure of the modern world from the smallest particles to the biggest objects which can be imagined. The interrelation of particles in particle physics differs from the interrelation of objects in other fields of physics.

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For example, in mechanics experts research the motion of the objects which can interact with one another, but this branch of physics does not study the reasons and factors which influence these interactions. Particle physics from its side pays much attention to the interaction between particles and objects and tries to explain the factors which cause this relation. Particle physics is the branch of physics which studies the basics of the interconnection between the smallest particles in the space and this knowledge is extremely important for the understanding of the structure of the universe.

Particle physics can be very interesting topic for the research, because the student is able to focus on the peculiarities of this branch of physics and demonstrate his knowledge about the issue and the major elements of particle physics. The student is able to develop the topic further and suggest a new approach towards the research of particle physics and present his ideas in the quality proposal. The young professional can complete a good research proposal which would reflect the student’s creativity and ability to apply the theory of particle physics on practice developing new and new fields of research. One should focus on the creation of the methodology of the research and illustrate the sources which can be useful for the observation of particle physics.

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