Animal Testing Research Proposal

Animal testing is the involvement of animals in the medical and scientific experiments. More than 100 million animals are used in testing every year and nobody counts or registers them in the appropriate way, so the number of the exploited animals can be much higher. The majority of animals are killed after the experiment, so the problem is really serious and extremely controversial.

The scientific institutions, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, armed forces breed animals themselves or buy them at auctions and animal shelters. The aim of animal testing is the development and improvement of the human knowledge in the spheres of genetic engineering, biology (the study of the qualities of the organism and testing of the influence of toxins on the organism), chemistry, physics, healthcare service (testing of remedies), armed forces (the testing of new types of weapon on animals). Speaking about the educational institutions, animals are used for the improvement of the practical skills of the future physicists.

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Practically all the important discoveries and success in healthcare and other spheres became possible due to the animal testing. The issue of animal testing is quite a troublesome one and is closely connected with ethics. The attitude of the general public towards animal testing is bipolar and both sides prove their points of view with the logical and reliable evidence and it is impossible to support or criticize the process categorically. On the one hand, the development of the human knowledge is very important, but on the other hand animals are tortured severely, they suffer from terrible pain and they are killed violently. The individual with weak psychics will never be able to practise testing on animals, because these actions remain in the human mind forever.

The problem of animal testing is very important and requires solutions, because killing millions of animals every year is inhumane. Nowadays the development of high technologies enables to reduce the use of animals in testing but the experts still practise this conservative method. If the young professional wants to touch upon the controversial problem of animal testing, he can try to demonstrate his knowledge in the project of a research proposal. The proposal should prove the relevance of the question on animal testing, demonstrate the methods of the research, predict the possible result of the investigation and evaluate the issue in the objective way.

A research proposal is the student’s chance to prepare a worthy project which would observe the issue about animal testing from all sides. A free example research proposal on animal testing is able to teach students to complete the right structure and format of the paper. moreover, with a sample research proposal on animal testing one can see the right approach towards the analysis of the problem and its solution.

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