Annotated Bibliography Research Paper

Angus, K., & Hastings, G. (2008). Forever Cool: The Influence of Smoking Imageing on Young People. BMA Board of Science.
Angus and Hastings review the influence of the tobacco products in films on youngsters and the increasing tolerance towards smoking promoted by the motion picture industry. This research report investigates the effect of tobacco imagery on young people. Trends in smoking are analyzed and different forms of pro-smoking tools are examined.

Bleicher, M. & Heidinger, S. (1998) Product placement in Hollywood productions, Vienna. University of economics.
According to Bleicher and Heidinger, the viewers fancy the characters from their favorite TV shows and movies and they want to use the same products as them and to copy their behavior and in that way to be more like them.

Charlesworth, A. & Glantz, S. (2005) Smoking in the movies increases adolescent smoking. Official journal of the American academy of pediatrics. 92. 24-31.
In the journal article empirical evidence is given, supporting the argument that smoking in movies increases adolescent smoking. Suggestions are given on how to reduce the adolescent exposure to tobacco products and thus decrease smoking.

Galician, M.-L. (2004). Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media: New Strategies in Marketing Theory, Practice, Trends, and Ethics. The Haworth Press Inc.
The handbook presents the theory and practice of the important subject of product placement in mass media. Product placement is closely examined, also its marketing strategies and their influence on consumers. he historical development of product placement in Hollywood. Moreover, case studies examining product placement in TV shows are presented.

Gibson, B. & Mauer, J.(2006) Cigarette Smoking in the Movies: The Influence of Product Placement on Attitudes Toward Smoking and Smokers. Journal of applied social psychology.
According to Gibson and Mauer, the use of actors to promote products during screen time has to be more thoroughly investigated. Their research focuses on the product placement of cigarettes in movies and their influence on the public. The research shows that smoking in movies does not create negative attitudes toward the movie or smoking itself.

Glantz, S. A., Slade, J., & A., B. L. (1996). The Cigarette Papers.
The tobacco companies and movie productions have a long history of co-existence and co-operation. Tobacco promotion on TV has increased in movies and TV shows, because of its high efficiency. The new marketing strategies are constantly developing to overcome the tobacco restrictions.

Mekemson, C. & Glanz, S. (2002). How the tobacco industry built its relationship with Hollywood. Retrieved January 27th from
The tobacco use on TV has proven to bring profits. The tobacco companies claim that they have stopped the practice of placing their products in motion pictures, but the reality is quite different, there has been an increase for the last decade, becoming a serious health problem.

Mitchel, M.L. & Mulherin, J.H. (1988) Finessing the Political System: The Cigarette Advertising Ban. Southern Economic Journal. 54 4, pp. 855–862
This research estimated the demand for tobacco products and investigates the effects of cigarette promotion to different groups. The influence of cigarette advertising is stronger when it is connected to public entertainment or the Internet.

Saffer, H. & Chaloupka, F. (1999). Tobacco advertising. Working paper series, National Bureau of Economic Research. Cambridge, Mass.6958.21-24
This paper points out that the only tool that is not so strictly overlooked by the government is the product placement on the small screen. It has a great impact on the audience even though without brand exposure.

Stanton, A. et al. (2002). Back to the future: Smoking in Movies in 2002 compared with 1950 levels. American Journal of Public Health. 93. 894-898.
Stanton et al reviewed smoking shown in a sample of motion pictures and smoking in movies was proven to influences mostly teenagers. However, there is growing public understanding about the dangers of smoking and decline in tobacco use.

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