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AT&T, Inc. is the U.S. largest telecommunication company in. AT&T provides voice, video, data, and Internet services to businesses, governments, and individuals. The company has in its long history has periodically been the world’s largest telecommunication operator and the world’s largest cable TV company. The name was once abbreviation for American Telephone and Telegraph, but is today a trade name. The company was formed on March 3 1885 to manage America’s first long-distance line telephony, between New York and Chicago in 1892 and San Francisco in 1915.

Its subsidiary, AT&T Mobility is also the largest provider of mobile telephony in the United States.

The mobile operator Cingular is now part of AT&T under the name AT&T Wireless.

The company provides services in the field of telephony, long distance, Internet access, cable TV, etc. At the beginning of 2006 AT&T serves more than 50 million telephone lines. Total employment is 294.6 thousand people.

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Number of employees is 303.5 thousand people. The company’s revenue for 2010 was $124.28 billion ($122.51 billion in 2009), operating profit was $19.57 billion ($21.0 billion), net profit was $20.18 billion ($12.44 billion).

Its subsidiary, AT&T Mobility is also the largest provider of mobile telephony in the United States.

Company American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T Corporation) was established in 1885. For a long time it has been a monopoly on long-distance and local calls in the USA. In 1983-1984, under the pressure from the Ministry of Justice of the United States under the antitrust process, the Company separated a business segment of the local telephony and focused on long-distance services.

One of the separated in 1984 companies was named Southwestern Bell Corporation. In 1995, the company changed its name to SBC Communications. In 2005, SBC, becoming at that time the largest telecommunications holding the United States, acquired AT&T for $16 billion, from which it was once separated. In this case, the name “AT&T” went to the merged company.

In March 2006, AT&T has agreed to buy the BellSouth company for $ 67 billion, resulting in a December 29, 2006 in the creation of the largest U.S. telecommunications company (the purchase has allowed AT&T to overtake the former leader, Verizon).

In March 2011, the company reached an agreement on the mergence of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion, making the operator ‘s customer base reach the mark of 129 million people, surpassing that of Verizon (102 million subscribers), but the process of the mergence failed due to strong opposition of the regulatory commissions and competitors.

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