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Auguste Rodin came from a conservative family of civil servants; his father worked in the police administration. In 1853, 13 years old Rodin became student at the École Spéciale de Dessin et de Mathématiques, known as the “Petite École”. He remained there until 1857. During this time, he tried three times to be accepted to study sculpture at the famous École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, but unsuccessfully. Therefore, he continued his artistic career without further formal education.

When his sister died in 1862, Rodin fell into a life crisis and entered the Order Pères du Saint-Sacrement. But already when entering the Order, he was exempted for his artistic work.

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College and university students seeking to prepare a good research paper on the topic have to understand that Auguste Rodin is considered an important precursor of the Modern, the new standards, especially in the field of plastic, which made him famous and influenced the art of his successors in various ways. Unlike other great sculptors of his time, (for example, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse), he opposed the prevailing of the academic ideals and experimented with new forms of representation, without, however, losing sight of tradition. On the contrary, he understood himself and his art as a “bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.” Among his most important influences, there are probably sculptors of ancient Greece as well as Donatello and especially Michelangelo. Rodin’s style tried always re-classify, including for example, as impressionistic (Art of the humps and hollows), also symbolist or realistic. He was viewed even as precursor of Expressionism and Cubism.

Specifically, the non-finito may thereby be considered as significant stylistic feature of many of his works, which should be formative for many upcoming artists. However, unlike for example, Michelangelo’s unfinished works, to be explained mostly for reasons such as lack of money or because of his strong doubts, the original idea in the implementation, have been left in this state, Rodin tried to use this fragmentary intention as an expressive style.

Extremely modern and ahead of his time in particular his assemblages that he developed through new combinations of parts of the existing works in other contexts. His late independent drawings and watercolors (as opposed to factory-sketches, studies and copies) that have economical means with large expressive power, may be regarded as quite bold.

A handful of erotic drawings that were issued in 1906 in Weimar, even led to the resignation of the former director of the Grand Ducal Museum in Weimar, Count Harry Kessler. This part of his work is far less known than his visual work.

You may use free example research papers on Auguste Rodin to deeply analyze the moment of the master’s life and his work. It is very important to understand the influence he had made on all his successors in the following generations.

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