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Famous scientists can be a very productive topic for your research paper assigned in university or college.

Famous scientists are people who laid the foundation for modern science, modern technology, and medicine. Each researcher in their own way shaped our world and our lives.

Among the famous scientists of all time, first we want to consider English scientist Isaac Newton (1642-1727). As a physicist, he discovered the laws of motion and formulated the theory of universal gravitation. Before Isaac Newton, science was really philosophical where the grand plans were based on nothing more than pure intellect. Newton’s theories, however, was mathematical and could be proved by experiment. In many ways, it was probably Isaac Newton the world’s first true scientist. During his lifetime, he discovered gravity and worked out how the solar system works.

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Newton was curious and wanted to learn everything. At different periods of his life, he was philosopher, physicist, scientist, mathematician, inventor, astronomer, and also an alchemist. In his most famous work, Principia Mathematica, he described universal gravitation, the three laws of motion and laid the groundwork for classical mechanics. He was the first who showed that the motions of objects on Earth and planetary movements are determined by the same natural laws.

These laws laid the foundation for the scientific revolution.

Albert Einstein is, of course, second to none and is truly considered one of the greatest. Started his education at the Zurich Polytechnic Institute, Einstein gave us a vision of modern reality. His theory of relativity is still considered as the best today to explain universe. If a scientist should describe the world’s most famous E = Mc ² equation, he would undoubtedly describe it as Einstein equation as it made him the most world-renowned scientist. E = Mc ² was part of the Einstein’s work on relativity turned upside down on a lot of Newton work. Einstein demonstrated that space and time are not absolute. We live in a universe of relativity. In Einstein’s universe forms of matter and energy and space passage of time.

Galileo Galilei has been called the father of modern astronomy. He is best known for his claim that the earth moves around the sun, which the Catholic Church forced him to take back when he went against interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, who said that the earth was the fixed point in the center of the universe. Although he took back his claim, Galileo was kept under house arrest for the rest of his life. Galileo was much more than a defender of science against religious dogma.

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