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Badminton is a sport in which players are situated on opposite sides with a net between them and throw a shuttlecock over the net by the shots of rackets, aiming to keep it on air when it is over their side. It takes two players or two pairs of players to play. Badminton is included in the program of the summer Olympics since 1992.

Use free sample research paper on badminton to learn that in the XIX century, the English officers serving in India addicted to the ancient Indian game named Puna that is considered to be the prototype of modern badminton. Englishmen brought it with them for playing to their motherland.

Modern tradition of game takes beginning in England, in the ancient farmstead of Badminton House, proprietor of which, well-known sport enthusiast and publisher of series of books on sport, duke Beaufort, erected in 1873 the first ground for playing badminton. In 1893, the England Association of Badminton published the first regulation on the game official rules.

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The Badminton World Federation (BWF) was created in 1934. From 1947 the largest team competition for men is Thomas Cup. For women there is Uber Cup, sometimes called the World Team Championships for Women, conducted from 1955.

Flight speed of shuttlecock after a service hit of a professional badminton player reaches up to 414 km/h, that is the absolute record for the flight speed of playing projectile. During a match players cover up to 10 kilometres and lose a few kilograms of weight. To compete at professional level, the athletes have to spend over ten years of intensive training.

September 26, 2009, in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan, the Malaysian badminton player Tan Boon Heung made the fastest service hit (for men), using the Yonex Arcsaber Z-slash racket. The speed of the shuttlecock reached then 421 km/h (261,6 miles/hour). It was done as a demonstration for the Yonex company, and not in the real match. A record was certified by The Guinness Book of Records from March, 8, 2010.

Presently, it is the Asian athletes (China, Republic of Korea, Indonesia) that conquer up to 90 % of medals on the world championships. The European countries, such as Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, and Netherlands follow them.

At the beginning of 1980s, the curved serve Net Spin produced revolution in badminton. The secret of this serve is a sliding blow to the feathers of shuttlecock giving it an unforeseeable flight trajectory. Misbun Sidek, the technique inventor, entered ten of the strongest players in the world. But the faults of such technique came to light soon: badminton became less entertaining due to the fact that after such serve the match come short to 2-3 shots. The Badminton World Federation forbade using the Net Spin.

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