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Ballroom dancing is a group of various partner dances, some of which have national origins. They are performed at balls that were held in the premises with the laid parquet. From a wide range as the elite (historical and domestic), and folk dances, the group of ballroom dances is distinguished by two features: all ballroom dances are paired; the couple consist of man and woman.

Those college and university writers whose goal is to write a decent and successful research paper on ballroom dancing, have to clearly understand that today the term “ballroom dancing” implies “ballroom dancing” and “dance sport.” This is shown in the names of various dance organizations, such as: The International Dance Sport Federation or The European Dance Sport Federation.

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The word “ball” is of the French origin and is derived from the Latin verb ballare, which means “to dance.” All ballroom dances are paired . A couple is dancing in compliance with the contact points. The European program of this contact is more pronounced and is maintained throughout the dance. In the Latin American program, the contact is freer, more often at the expense of joining hands, and can sometimes even be lost as well as amplified by the tension while performing figures.

Since ballroom dancing requires certain skills and fitness, their popularity in the community has decreased over time. The appearance of the twist in the 1960s marked the end of partner dancing. Dances such as the waltz, tango, foxtrot, and so on, actually ceased to be used for mass entertainment. In the history of ballroom dancing a new page has opened.

Around the world dancing sport competitions are divided into two programs: the European (Standard, Modern or Ballroom), Latin American (Latin) or sometimes referred to as the ten dances.

In the United States the terms “American Smooth” and “American Rhythm” are preserved as a sort of national version of some ballroom dancing and the competition.

The European program includes:

  • slow waltz,
  • tango,
  • Viennese waltz,
  • slow foxtrot and quickstep (fast foxtrot).

The term “ball” refers to a pair unprofessional secular dances originating in medieval Europe. These dances were very much modified: any era of European history – the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Classicism, Romanticism, – gave the rise to a kind of a dancing complex. Throughout the European cultural development ballroom dancing was influenced by a wide variety of ethnic sources, as well as professional dancing. Ballroom dancing in the XX century was based on the European dance, which at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries revitalized the African and Latin American music and dance culture.

The vast majority of modern ballroom dances have African “roots” are well camouflaged with the technical processing of the European dance school.

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