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Dance is one the oldest, most common and most democratic of art forms. Since the ancient time the most important events in human life have been accompanied by mass dance spectacle. Such spectacles can be found in history of many peoples and cultures. Thus, various forms of dancing, which we can still see today, though a lot alternated, have been conceived in ancient times, because no holidays took place without bright dance performances.

The first evidences of the dancing performance are dating back to the prehistoric times, where cave paintings indicate the presence of the art in its simplest form. It was primarily a ritual and ceremonial act addressed to superior entities. In addition to that, primitive dance, accompanied with music and voice, was evidently also among the techniques, which allowed to achieve the state of trance.

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The concept of dance, in its broadest sense, implies series of consequent movements usually according to some kind of a rhythm. There are many types and forms of dance, which are performed mostly by music or singing. The development of most of these types was going simultaneously with the development of appropriate musical genres and styles.

Dance existed and exists in the cultural traditions of humanity. Over the long history of mankind dance changed, reflecting cultural development. Through the centuries dance helped people communicate: have fun with friends, and young couples to meet in village squares, in points, parties, clubs, discos, and nightclubs. Communication was always the main purpose of the paired dances.

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