Brain Fingerprinting Research Paper

A method called Brain fingerprinting was already tested by FBI and accepted by the U.S. courts as part of instruments of forensic examination.

The name, needless to say, is rather ridiculous because there are no fingers in the brain, but this title was given to the technique by the author, and until now there is no adequate alternative was proposed.

In today’s forensic science the brain fingerprinting even could acquit Jimmy Ray Slaughter, expecting execution for murder, literally at the last moment.
Those who are about to investigate the topic in order to resent the result of their investigation may safely use some free sample research papers on the brain fingerprinting. These free paper will help you understand that the technique was developed by doctor Larry Farwell, the Laboratory of brain fingerprinting founder.
The essence of the method is in registration of involuntary electric activity in a cerebrum that is a result of the research and show the certain characters related to the criminal activity.

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Unlike a lie-detector, the technique is very accurate: it registers electric signal well-known as a wave R300 before suspected will be able to adjust and imitate false emotions.

It can be used for exposing criminals or spies.

The technique does not depend on subjective interpretation of feelings. Everything was developed on strictly scientific basis. After the signal reception, the computer reports at once if there is necessary information or not, Dr. Farwell explains.

Some time before, Jimmy Ray Slaughter war tested in carefully guarded clinic in the state of Oklahoma. The court has found Slaughter guilty for murder and mayhem his former mistress Melody. The crimes costing Slaughter death penalty were committed in his house. Nevertheless, results of tests were shocking.

Jimmy Ray Slaughter did not know exactly, neither where exactly in the house murder was committed, nor where the victim’s body found, nor what clothing she was wearing at the moment of her death. The brain of Jimmy has not contain the most obvious information about the murder, emphasized dr. Farwell.

The brain fingerprinting technique works, as the saying goes, for both sides. It can help not only to acquit not guilty but also expose the real criminal.

The police detained a lumberjack on a charge of theft, raping and murder 25-years-old woman, but the representatives of prosecution did not have enough evidence.

To prove his innocence, the wood utter agreed to be exposed to the brain fingerprinting testing, thinking that it is an ordinary lie-detector procedure that it is possible to deceive at certain effort.

As a result he confessed not only in the crime he was accused of, but also other three murders.

More than a hundred testing confirmed 100% reliability of the method, but, alas, there was no practical application: there are still hot debates and lack of studies.

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