How to Write a Research Proposal on Political Science

A research proposal on political science is a complicated assignment for every student, because one should possess knowledge, writing skills and ability to generate the best topics for the discussion. Political science is a serious discipline which requires specific approach and it is natural that students look for the additional writing help in the Internet. It is easier to understand the principle of writing and the professor’s expectations if the student takes advantage of a the political science research proposal writing tips suggested below.

  1. Discuss the Assignment with the Professor. It is unwise to start writing a research proposal without having discussed it with the advisor or the professor who is responsible for helping you. The student’s most important primary duty is to ask the professor about the type of the paper, the manner of writing, the volume, complexity, the format, structure, personal professor’s expectations and recommendations and other essential moments related with the process of writing.
  2. Having learnt about the professor’s point of view one should start thinking about the topic for the research. Political science is a complicated discipline and it is quite difficult to choose the right topic for the research. One should understand the principles, aspects, function and duties of political science in order to be able to select the best topic which is worth analysis. The topic has to be related with the relevant problems, serious political issues, etc. The student must set the major questions which he wants to research and on their basis construct the name of the topic. It is obvious that the topic should be narrow, because the discipline requires the definite solutions to the definite narrow questions.
  3. Collect the most reliable information. The research is impossible without the high-quality and up-to-date sources, so the student is supposed to devote maximum of his time to the collection of the reliable facts and arguments which would inform about the topic and support the student’s point of view. The most useful sources are encyclopaedias, scientific articles of the famous experts and periodicals. It is possible to use the works of different authors with the different points of view on the problem and compare them.
  4. Prepare the Outline and the Introductory Part. In order to create a logical and well-constructed paper, the student should prepare a good outline which would contain all the sections of the proposal and all the major questions on political science. When the plan is detailed, it is fairly impossible to miss any important fact and idea. The introductory part is supposed to inform the reader about the topic, its purpose, relevance for the modern political science, the list of the predicted results and the steps which have to be made for the successful research.
  5. Prepare a Quality Body of the Proposal. The main part of the research project on political science should contain all the main sections, especially methodology and literature review, as these parts reflect the student’s ability to research the problem using the right methods and sources. In the end one should summarize the proposal and share the predictions and problems which have occurred during the research.

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