Choosing a Research Proposal Topic

A research proposal is the document which demonstrates the student’s ability to analyze things critically, demonstrates his creativity, intelligence and experience. The proposal is a summary of the major research paper, because it contains the list of the most essential points discussed in the research paper and evaluates the importance and relevance of the issue under observation.

Of course, it is important to make the professor or the grant commission interested in the student’s problem under search, so one has to brainstorm the most appropriate research proposal topic which would be close to everybody.

  1. The student should remember that the topic should be interesting to the professor or the commission; otherwise they do not pay attention to the paper thinking that it is a trivial and senseless piece of writing. The topic should be close to their field of world and should touch upon the disturbing issues which require deep analysis. One can also try to brainstorm a controversial research proposal topic which would illustrate the matter from the one side and the student’s duty is to prove his point of view to the audience.
  2. It is not reasonable to choose a broad topic for the research, because it would be impossible to include a great number of sub topics under research into the single paper. An inexperienced student will find it difficult to make the proposal logical and there is a risk of losing the core point of writing. One can forget about the main issue and dwell on the secondary related sub topics making the whole research insignificant.
  3. A narrow topic is also a mistake, because very often the problem covers no more than a few pages and the student does not have the slightest idea what to write in the remaining space. The young person should strive to find the golden mean choosing a narrow research proposal topic which can be analyzed in detail and where one can find the additional field for the research.
  4. A successful topic for a research proposal should cover the up-to-date problems which disturb the human minds and it is natural that such a topic will be quite interesting for the commission. Of course, there is a risk that professor’s expectations will be higher than the research itself, because if one chooses a good topic buy fails to reveal it in the right way, it spoils the whole impression about the paper. On the contrary, if the topic is weird and complicated, but researched successfully, the student will have higher mark and respect from the professor’s side. So, one should think twice before choosing easy and complicated topics as the consequences can be unpredictable.

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