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Computer addiction is a new disorder, which affects the young population, especially adolescents and young adults. Although it has nothing to do with the infection, it spreads throughout the world with the speed of an epidemic. A lot of reports in the press show here and there adolescent aggressive behavior led to tragic consequences.

The experts’ conclusions are not encouraging. Danger of becoming addicted to computer games threatens anyone who spends playing video games more than two hours a day.

The computer addiction has the same roots as that of gambling. The brain of each person is provided with the pleasure center. Direct stimulation of this center in laboratory animals leads to the fact that they forget everything else. Refusing food consumption for the sake of pleasure, laboratory animals die from exhaustion. The computer addiction is a gradually formed disorder. If such a person can get access to the computer for 2 hours or more, he, like an alcoholic, will be suffering from a hangover, experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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As with most mental illnesses, it is the first to notice the change surrounding the nature and behavior of the patient. It is very difficult to convince the addicted himself that he is sick. The first step in treating the patient is the realization of his pathological addiction to the computer. It is important to positively adjust the patient to visit a therapist, for that purpose any excuse in the form of psychological testing, vocational guidance can be used. The rest of the work you can safely entrust to the professionals in the field.

Typically, people susceptible to the computer addiction are unsure of themselves, have difficulty in communicating, feel dissatisfaction with their lives, having low self-esteem and complexes. After the first session with the therapist, the addicted begins to understand the nature of his addiction more critically. Such a therapy makes it finally possible to change yourself and get rid of computer addiction after a course of psychotherapy.

An important stage of successful treatment of computer addiction is to identify reasons why a person wants to escape from reality. The mainstay of treatment is psychotherapy. In case of detection of latent depression, there should be drug treatment. Psychocorrection is conducted both individually and in groups. As a result, the treatment improves the relationships with family and peers, brought willpower, increases self-esteem, forms a new culture of life. It is important to work not only with addicted, but also with members of his family. Only with their assistance, the outcomes will be strong, and family relations – harmonious. On individual treatment sessions, the therapist relieves the patient from the “game hypnosis,” and gives him indifference to computer.

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