Research Paper on Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is a disorder, which can occur in people who make excessive use of the technology and its products, e.g., cell phones and the Internet, and thus may jeopardize their actual social relationships and their overall well-being.

The nervousness overwhelms such people when they realize that they had left their cell phone at home. They usually feel the need to go check their email dozens of times a day to feel safe, they spend more and more time in front of a computer screen rather than with their family and friends.

Excessive or pathological computer use could lead to a decline in performance at work or school, a loss of interpersonal and family relationships, as well as the emergence or worsening of mental health problems.

People who misuse the Internet tend to spend a significant portion of their time to online activities – time they could normally spend with their family, or for their professional, educational, or social activity. Many case reports of technology addiction have reported use of the TV, computer, smartphone, or any other technological device more than 35 hours per week.

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The respondents questioned by the studies consistently underestimated the amount of time they spent on their online activities. It has been suggested that this tendency to underestimate could be due to poor memory or a feeling of remorse.

According to numerous studies, increased virtual interaction gives rise to a decrease of interaction in real life when the user is not in front of his screen. This can result in depression and feelings of social isolation. Although Internet use has not been specifically recognized as a factor in the onset of technology addiction, it was associated with loneliness and psychological distress. Among the adverse social consequences attaching to the misuse of the Internet, TV, computer, smartphone, etc., note the following: academic failure, job loss, financial difficulties, legal problems, family conflicts and divorce cases (most often related to cyberaventures).

People who make excessive use of the Internet usually have the following symptoms:

  • excessive use
  • withdrawal syndrome
  • increasing tolerance
  • negative consequences

Given all the above, adult have to control his or her behavior regarding the problem, as well as help the minor to avoid such an addiction, as children and teenagers with not fully developed personality can easily spend hours online each week without even realizing problems it may lead to.

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