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DoS (Denial of Service) is a hacker attack on the computer system (usually perpetrated by hackers) on purpose to lead to its complete failure and denial of service, id est implementing of such conditions when the legal users of the system cannot get access to the given system resources (to the servers), or this access is difficult. The denial of service of the given system can be a step to the system hacking (if in the case of a critical situation can reveal some critical information – for example, a part of the source code, etc.). But more often it is a means of economic pressure: downtime of a service, giving income, bills from a provider and costs on anti-hacking measure can be a strain on the service owner resources.

Those college or university writers preparing their research papers on the topic, should know that today, DoS and DDos attacks are most popular, as they allow to get practically any system completely out of service, without leaving legally meaningful evidences.

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If an attack is executed simultaneously with large number of computers, we can talk about a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service). Such a tool is used in case there is need to get out of service a hard-to-hit large company or government agency. First of all a malefactor scans a large network by means of the specially prepared scripts that expose potentially weak sots of the system. The chosen spots are exposed to the attack, and the perpetrator logs in as an administrator. The captured units are infected with trojan that work as daemons. Now these computers are called zombies, their users are even unaware that they are the potential participants of a DDoS attack.

Further the malefactor sends certain commands to the zombies computers and those in turn start a powerful DoS attack on the object system.

Sometimes DDoS attack is caused, for example, by publishing a link to a popular internet resource on a not very powerful server (the slashdot effect). The large influx of users results in exceeding of the possible loading on a server and, consequently, to the denial of service by the part from them.

For protecting from network attacks the row of the filters connected to the internet-channel with a large carrying capacity is used. Filters operate so that they consistently analyse a passing traffic, exposing non-standard network activity and errors. All well-known to date methods of attacks are included in the number of analysable templates of non-standard traffic, including those realized using distributed bot networks.

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