Distributed Computing Research Proposal

Distributed computing is the way of the solution of the complicated problems which the help of several computers connected with one another into a network. Distributed computing is also the type of the parallel calculation and processing of the problem relying on the capacity of the several processors of one or more computers. The most crucial factor which enables to carry out the procedure of the distributed computing is the segmentation of the problem into the subproblems can be researched simultaneously. It is vital to possess the computers with the high power to be able to process a few related parts of the problem efficiently. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to distribute the issue into the several segments, and in this case, such type of computing is impossible.

Distributed computing is a useful method for the solution of the required problems because sometimes the power of the single processor is not enough to solve the problem well.

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To cope with this problem, it is possible to use several computers which would combine their power and analyze the definite problem efficiently.

Distributed computing is also a convenient method of computing because it is possible to transport the information and the results of the research from one computer to the other sharing the data between the members of the experts working out the project.

Distributed computing can be accepted as the useful topic for the research because the student can improve his entire knowledge about the types and methods of computing.

The success of the research proposal lies in the unique approach towards the investigation and the original student’s ideas concerning distributed computing. The young professional can learn about the topic as much as possible and then suggest his approach towards the points which are attractive to him. One can think about the strong and weak sides of distributed computing and try to dwell on the brand new ideas related to it.

The student can brainstorm the new methods of the research, the new application of distributed computing in practice and the ways of the improvement of its work.

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