Research Proposal on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the model of the global unlimited access to any number of computers and the services they provide (communication and social networks, servers, means of data storage, software and services, etc.) through the common pool, which are connected with the help of the network or the Internet.

When one takes advantage of cloud computing, the whole software is given to the user as the Internet service. The use has constant access to his own data but does not have to spend time and nerves to create and manage the infrastructure, operation system and computer software he is working with. The Internet is often called a great cloud, because there one can find everything and get access to any kind of data at a moment’s notice, so that one does not need to possess a powerful PC which can contain vast amount of data, because he can simply get access to a certain server and find the data there.

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The whole information is stored in the numerous servers in the Internet and a user can get access to the data with the help of a PC, a smart phone, a laptop, a console, etc. It is obvious that cloud computing has become one of the most perspective trends of the development of the IT, because the model is being constantly improved and new services are added for the general use. The most characteristics features of cloud computing are self service on demand, universal access to the network, resource pooling and flexibility.

The popularity and importance of cloud computing can not be overestimated, because the this model of the access to the information is characterized with high availability and is helpful to everyone: for students, businessmen, the ones looking for entertainment, etc. When a student has got interest in the topic of cloud computing, he has the right to complete a research paper on it, but at first he will have to prepare an effective research proposal which will persuade the professor that the problem of cloud computing and the ideas included into the paper are worth attention. A student should provide the reader with the literature review chapter and a well­-organized methodology part and logically composed questions on the topic which require solution.

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