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There are a lot of types of diversity and demographic characteristics from which we can judge how they influence the minds of individuals, their behavior, image, and consciousness. Among them are ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation (affinity), religion, geographical differences (rural versus urban; inner city versus suburban), occupation, differences in skills and abilities, personality traits, value and attitude differences and so on. It is so to say a “population characteristics,” all in all, demographic data. It can also include race, income, educational attainment, home ownership, mobility, employment status, etc.

But to my mind, the greatest influence and impact have the age of a person, his socioeconomic status, his religion (his belief in god or gods who made the world and who can control what happens in it) and at last his occupation or work skills. Only on the base of these characteristics a useful member of the society, all in all, a reasonable person can be molded and formed.

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Characteristics of: Age, Religion, Socioeconomic status and Occupation

One of the main demographic characteristics is age. As we all are the representatives of different, entirely unlike and opposite generations, our behavior differs a lot. It does not mean that we are all double-faced people; it just shows that our behavior changes according to the situation. Young people are inexperienced as they did no have life difficulties and troubles, they haven’t sensed the life at full. While adults are wiser, cleverer; they can keep themselves in hands and sane mind; they have more useful and necessary traits; they have learned how to be more polite, official, respectful, well-bred, good-mannered, many-sided, all in all how to become sensibly formal and informal.

But despite anything I must mention that age influences our behavior very much and reminds us that under any circumstances and with any person we must be ourselves, we must control our actions and words; we must make the decisions by the human moral standards and never forget our own rules and principles.

To continue speaking about diversity, I should underline religion as a very important part of molding personality. The religion is a group of beliefs, concerning something sacred, inner, divine, moral principles and values, rituals and so on. Nowadays in almost all developed countries the freedom of exists everywhere. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are the largest world religions today. Approximately 75% of world’s population belongs to one of these religions. Christianity has the largest number of adherents and then is Islam. The third part of religious people adheres to irreligious approaches which include Humanism, Atheism, Rationalism, and Agnosticism. Hinduism is the third largest religion followed by 19 smaller groups of religious adherents.

But what is the difference? The point is that all these religions appeared in different ages, so the basis of them is different. They give different knowledge and information on the creation of the world; they present different Gods. According to these religions, we have opposite understanding of the surrounding world, opposite points of view on the life sense and death and at last, we have different commandments. So to sum, everything said before I should say that the religion, like upbringing, defines our behavior in the society.

Socioeconomic status also determines the behavior of every person, as the division of people in the society according to the material status is always very popular. The socioeconomic status is based on the income of every person, his educational level, mental ability and social status in the community. High socioeconomic status gives more abilities to a man. He is a success in life; he can easily support his family, develop his business all in all he has a lot of relations and good religion is widely spread. But the main (state) religion acquaintanceship. Such people are stable in their life interests and behavior.

While people of low socioeconomic level lack financial, social and educational support they limit themselves, their children mostly in everything. They can not support their children, give them the proper education. So I want to underline that too many roads are opened for people of high socioeconomic status and as a result their behavior changes (sometimes not in a right way: some hope that everything is allowed for them and in some cases, hypocrisy and dishonor become their main traits of character).

And at last occupation, as to my opinion, it is the last weighty argument. Any work is a labor, and labor is an act that forms a man, that makes a man, not unlike an animal. So without work and necessary traits, such as industriousness, work capacity, the enterprise we cannot reach good and excellent results in life. Occupation is a guarantee of success. According to what work we have we absorb everything that surrounds us, we develop working skills, good moral traits.


To cut a long research paper short, I should say that all these types of demographic or population characteristics are vitally important. But to make the picture full, we must discuss more of them. They all form our behavior and mind. It is interesting to mention that speaking of all these characteristics we come back again and again to the individual traits of character, personality traits. That is why I must confess that traits of character have the greatest impact on the behavior of every person as they fully show and introduce the secret inner world.

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