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Ebola virus is the virus that causes Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever with high mortality. The virus belongs to the family Filoviridae and is a rod-shaped filamentous negative single-stranded RNA viruse (-ssRNA). Ebola virus is a zoonotic virus that can infect humans and animals through blood and body fluids. There are five known species of Ebola virus; Zaire-, Sudan-, Côte d’Ivoire-, Reston- and Bundibugyo-Ebola virus.

To prepare a good research paper on the topic you must know that Ebola virus is one of the most deadly pathogens for humans and non-human primates and must be handled in the laboratories that have the highest degree of protection. The virus affects mainly endothelial cells and spread through the blood into the body and cause necrosis of cells in the body, leading to a violent course of the disease characterized by bleeding from body openings. The mortality rate is 50-90%. Besides the genus Ebola virus, also the genus Marburg virus,which also causes hemorrhagic fever, belongs to the family filovirus.

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The first documented cases of Ebola fever in humans was noted in Zaire and was named after the Ebola River. The outbreak occurred in 1976, when 318 people became ill. Of these, about 90% died and this is the highest mortality rate recorded. This outbreak was the nature of Zaire Ebola virus. The known outbreaks have occurred in central Africa. The exceptions to this have been accidents in the laboratory. Ebola virus Reston have also been found in monkeys originating in the Philippines, but then has only affected monkeys. Ebola hemorrhagic fever is probably spread by bats as well as through droppings and bodily fluids the virus can spread to humans and apes, such as gorillas and chimpanzees. The virus has ability to infect humans, thus the virus has a zoonotic capacity. Burial ceremonies where mourners have come in direct contact with the deceased, and the transmission of the virus when relatives caring for an Ebola-infected person is thought to be major reasons for the spread of the disease.

In 2014 the momentum spread of the virus took place in West Africa, particularly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. WHO states investing $100 million to reduce the spread outside Africa.

Ebola virus is a non-cellular organism causing hemorrhagic fever. The genome is in the form of a negative single stranded RNA molecule (-ssRNA). When the virus is outside of a cell it is called a virion and then consists of a helical protein capsule that encloses the genome. Outside the cell, the virus has no independent metabolism, but when it gets into a host cell, it takes control of cellular metabolism and begins to produce more viruses. Ebola virus membrane composed of capsomeres that are bound to each other, thus forming a coiled tube which may be branched, circular, u-shaped or shaped like a 6.

Ebola virus length is ~805 nm.

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