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The epilepsy is a neurological disease defined since 2005 by the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE) as a cerebral predisposition to generate epileptic seizures called “unprovoked,” that is to say not explained by a direct causal factor. An epileptic seizure is characterized by a transient functional impairment in a population of neurons (i.e., limited to a region of the brain: the crisis called “partial” or involving both cerebral hemispheres simultaneously: the crisis called “generalized”) due to an epileptic discharge.

Those who write epilepsy research paper should note that a predisposing factor may be genetic, lesion (brain injury present since birth, malformation, or acquired during life, such as a stroke or complications of a severe head injury), or other (e.g., abnormal EEG can be considered predisposing).

There is no one epilepsy, but many different forms, causing a wide variety of seizures (generalized tonic-clonic seizure or convulsions, myoclonic seizure, Childhood absence epilepsy, simple partial seizures, complex partial seizures are the most common).

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Epilepsy is characterized by two main features: the “generalized” (crises immediately interested in the two cerebral hemispheres) or “partial” (crises interest in only limited population of neurons), and etiology (“idiopathic” or “genetic” and “symptomatic” or “structural/metabolic” according to the old and new terminologies, respectively).

In people with epilepsy, the occurrence of a crisis is often due to a state of unusual fatigue, lack of sleep, or anxiety state. In a minority of cases called “sensitive” intermittent photic stimulation (e.g., a stroboscope) can cause seizures.

In Greek, the word epil√™psis or Epilepsia means “action capture, get your hands on something, attack, interception, sudden stop.” It is derived from the ancient Greek “????????????” (epilambanein) which means “taken by surprise.”

There is an international classification of epilepsies. The causes of epilepsy are many, everyone may be affected by the occurrence of a seizure without “being epileptic.” A number of conditions impair the strength to fight against the spread of electrical discharge in the brain. A lower seizure threshold would be responsible for seizures.

Symptomatic epilepsy can be caused by brain tumor, stroke, encephalitis, head trauma, and Alzheimer’s disease (it is an unrecognized complication, but both unsystematic and at an advanced stage of this disease). In the case of traumatic brain injury, cerebral contusion with loss of consciousness after trauma without brain injury there is double the risk of developing epilepsy. This risk remains major more than 10 years after the initial accident. Other types of epilepsy include cryptogenic epilepsy (epilepsy syndromes see above) with an assumed organic cause exists, but cannot be demonstrated, idiopathic epilepsy (no cause found or suspected), the Huntington’s disease (which occurs mainly in young) and epilepsy in the context of ring chromosome 20 syndrome.

There are familial forms of epilepsy to suspect a genetic cause, but the study is not easy: a seizure in an individual can occur for many reasons, and all seizures are not due to an epileptic disease but crossing the seizure threshold; epileptic diseases being only conditions with corollary lower this threshold to an abnormally low level. This threshold is easily crossed at small provocations encountered in daily life (fasting, alcohol, fatigue, strong drugs…).

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