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Fitzgerald succeeded and was recognized as a talented writer in the twenties of the 19th century, which he dubbed “the age of jazz.” He was at that time a young author who was able to express the hopes and aspirations of the rebellious generation. By the end of the 20s his popularity fell, and in 1940, when he died at the age of 44 years, none of his book was printed.

Nevertheless, Fitzgerald’s novels “The Great Gatsby ” and “Tender Is the Night” are considered classics of American literature.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. In childhood, the boy usually feel much more confident in the company of girls. He honestly tried to be more masculine and tried to play football, but still preferred dance lessons in the classroom of Wang Arnuma where the young gentleman always danced with a handkerchief in his right hand, not to dirty clothes of a young lady.

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Scott’s father, who was by no means rude and uneducated man once said that he would give five dollars to anyone who will hear at least one bad word uttered by his son. Unlike his contemporary, Ernest Hemingway Scott has never been attracted to blood, sweat, or to dirty side of life in general. In his literary works, he described mainly life of very wealthy people whose intrigue and decadence entirely captured his petty-bourgeois Catholic imagination. In the first novel by Scott told about the life of Princeton University, the focus of alcohol abuse and sex. For 1920 the novel was quite controversial and well sold out. At age 23, Phil became widely known as a writer, he had money, fame, and opportunities. He married Zelda Sayre, the daughter of a judge from Alabama. Their life together lasted 10 years and was held on two continents. Scott has never been able to repeat his literary success. Although his novels were well received by critics, the reading public no longer bought them. “The Great Gatsby,” for example, brought him $ 1,200. Newspaper Saturday Evening Post paid him three times as much for the stories that he wrote very quickly. Scott began to write stories on request, to provide money for him and Zelda, because they led quite an extravagant lifestyle. Later, Scott needed large amounts of money for the maintenance of Zelda in special medical institutions, where she fell after her nervous breakdowns. In 1937, to pay off his huge debts, Scott moved to Hollywood and began writing the script for the company MGM. These were well paid, but Fitzgerald often had disputes and conflicts with management. Soon the contract was broken. In 1940, working on a novel about the film industry, he died of a heart attack. 8 years after his death, Zelda burned in a fire in a psychiatric hospital, where she was undergoing treatment.

Some Fitzgerald’s biographers believed that he was a hidden homosexual. However, there is no evidence of this. There are indications that his contemporaries believed that he had a thin, “feminine” features. There was also a case when Fitzgerald came to the dance at the University of Minnesota in a woman dress with his friend Gus Shurmeyerom, depicting his cavalier. Later, he claimed that it was just a joke. According to Scott’s friends and acquaintances, he often, especially while intoxicated, held bellicose speeches against “those queers” and the frequency with which such words were uttered, forced someone in the audience to suspect that he himself was a gay. Scott once told his friend Edmund Wilson that would love to spend a few days on the coast with a charming young man to make love to him. He, however, has never done it, so that the dispute over Fitzgerald homosexuality is not finished.

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