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Thomas Jefferson, born April 13 1743, died 4 July 1826, was the US third president in 1801-1809 and the second vice president in 1797-1801. He was founder of the University of Virginia. Jefferson was also the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson grew up in an Anglican family and formally never changed his religion to Unitarianism although he later attended unitarist worship, especially during the time he spent time with Joseph Priestley, an English unitarist prist who emigrated to Pennsylvania.

To write a research paper on the topic you should know that Priestley came to exert the greatest influence on Thomas Jefferson’s thinking in religious matters.

After brief career in a political assembly Jefferson wrote his first major political work: A Summary View of the Rights of British America. The work was of great political significance for the coming insurrection against the British.

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In 1775 he was given a place in the Continental Congress, where he was appointed to be part of a committee to prepare and formulate designs for a breakup with the United Kingdom. Other participants were John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, but Jefferson was the one who would write the first draft. Then the Congress debated the draft and revised about a fifth of the original text. Jefferson was not seen then as the author of the Declaration of Independence.

It was seen more as the entire Congress works. Only around 1790 they began to talk about Jefferson as the real author.

Jefferson’s wife died in 1782, and to get away from the sadness in Monticello, Jefferson accepted to succeed Benjamin Franklin as American ambassador in Paris in 1784. During his stay in Paris Jefferson’s political and public courses seems to have stalled. The United States was weakened by the war with Great Britain and few were therefore interested in developing trade relations with the country. Instead, Jefferson devoted himself to women and culture.

Here he fell in love with Maria Cosway, they spent months together and enjoyed the Paris cultural scene.

Jefferson initially supported the French Revolution and saw strolling consistent pattern between the rebellious Parisians and his own people’s uprising against the British. He believed the French Revolution would remain bloodless. Jefferson moved happily back to his home district before the counter-revolution, civil war and the outer War.

Jefferson was not only a statesman, philosopher and president. He was also one of America’s foremost architects. In his own home, Monticello, he gets his neoclassical architecture to fit into the American landscape. Another of his greatest works was the University of Virginia, which he founded in 1819.

Jefferson died July 4, 1826. This was the day 50 years after the U.S. Declaration of Independence was adopted. Jefferson died only a few hours before his patriotic friend and political foe John Adams died. It is said that Adam’s on his deathbed would have said “Thomas Jefferson survives,” unaware that Jefferson had died a few hours earlier.

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