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Gender mainstreaming or strategy of achievement of gender equality is the concept of public policy of estimation of different values for women and men of any prearranged strategic action, including a legislation and programs, in all areas on all levels and proclaim a complex approach that offers pluralism that values a variety as main priority.

In broader sense gender mainstreaming is a conception on which men and women are considered equal. The objective is to change the society so that problems and experience of both sexes are considered of identical character. It means that they affect women, in exactly the same manner as men.

Students who are trying to prepare a successful research paper on the topic, have to get a clear idea on gender mainstreaming, the most important is to specify on these forms of women discrimination and effective methods of dealing with them. Consequently, gender mainstreaming cannot replace pro-woman politics, but can serve as an addition to it. Especially that women do not aim to become part of prevailing hierarchy, but want to overcome the hierarchies of all kinds!

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To find more specific information on the matter you may safely use free example research papers, which will tell you about the convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination in regard to women is accepted by resolution 34/180 by The General Assembly of the UN, on December, 18, 1979.

At the fourth world conference on the problems of women in Beijing in 1995 states-members negotiated this concept as well as a new strategy of achieving gender equality. With the Amsterdam Agreement in 1997 this strategy became obligatory for all states-members of the European Union.

It was underline during the second world Congress of International Confederation of trade unions (Vancouver, June 2010), that, in spite of increasing number of women in membership organizations up to 40% and, despite efforts added in order better to present women in structures and politics of membership organizations, there was no complete integration of complex gender approach in making decision, politics and actions. Congress carried resolution on gender Equality.>

In spite of the accepted complex gender approach there is a need for woman politics on a few reasons:

  1. Since the strategy of the gender equality achievement welcomes advancement of conception of traditional gender roles, the objective for the pro-women politics to overcome this conception;
  2. Since there are still structural distinctions between sex and gender roles that limit role of women;
  3. Since in society there is still a lack of opportunities for women to clearly speak out and pursue their interests;
  4. Since exercising the pro-woman politics will give to the women safe space for development of their wishes and interests and their expression;
  5. As history shows that women obtained the rights they have today, only contesting with resistance of society.

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