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Gender roles in Islam are defined by both Islamic writings and the history and culture of the Muslim world. The traditional Islamic law, Sharia, explains the differences between women’s and men’s roles, rights, and religious obligations. According to Islam and the Koran, the man and the woman in spiritual terms are equal before God, while the man and the woman are granted different roles in society.

Use free sample research papers on Islamic women to understand that in Islam, gender relations are governed more according to complement principles, than to equality between the sexes. The Islamic view on sex roles can broadly be described as conservative with the family is the focus, where the man is in charge of security in the household, while the woman is in charge of the home and custody of any children until they reach the age of eight.

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The Koran establishes the rules according to which woman’s primary responsibility is usually in fulfilling her role as wife and mother, whereas a man’s role is to work and provide for his wife and family. The Koran instructs men to honor their mothers and firmly reject those parents who are embarrassed about a daughter’s birth. Islamic scholars argue that the Koran declares religious and moral equality of men and women.

Some “liberal Muslim” and “Islamic feminists” claim for a more progressive interpretation of gender roles in Islam, arguing that attachment to gender roles works against equality and fairness between the man and the woman. Ali Kecia, post-Muslim-feminist, says that the sources need to be reinterpreted and loaded with new views from another perspective concerning legal outsourcing, where religion seems to be ethics and the society.

Islam gives men and women the right to own things, which entitles them to have personal possessions. While women have fewer financial obligations than men do, some of their economic rights are more limited. The woman has the right to work outside her home, under certain special conditions, as if a female is in financial need and her employment does not cause her to neglect her important role as mother and wife. Daughters have half the inheritance law, i.e., to inherit half of what his sons inherit. If it is the son, who is considered to be in greater need of estate, then he is responsible for providing for the family.

In Islam, human sexuality is seen (briefly) as a sacred rather than sinful, and this is confirmed by the marital bond between man and woman, who under normal circumstances can put new life into the world.

However, Koran says that the woman does not have the right to deny her husband is having sex with her.

Sura 2: 223: Your wives are for you [as] a field; Why not enter your travel when and as you wish–but mourn [first] for your souls.

According to Islam is sex outside marriage is not allowed and can be punished with caning under Sharia. A same-sex relationship is a sinful act, but also a punishable offense.

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