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Home automation (also called smart home) is the domain of home electronics. The official definition of home automation is: the integration of technology and services for the benefit of a better quality of living. In home automation there is not only the integration of technology and control inside the house, but also running the service outside.

Home automation means that sensors are responsible for the control of actuators through the intervention of a processor or controller or computer. Home automation is the ability of the industrial plant automation applied to a home.

Students writing their research paper on home automation must know that the first automation applications were often systems that existed in the automated industrial or office environment, and were incorporated in homes for people with disabilities. Thus they were able to achieve increased autonomy and perform the main tasks at home, for example, from a wheelchair.

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However, General application of automation started only in late 20th century to really break into the building and architecture, as there is also a standard according to which the various systems could be integrated and be able to communicate with each other.

The second generation of automation was equipped with a so-called Ethernet connection. Audio and video, heating, air-conditioning, alarm, and other systems linked with / in a simple way through this connectors into the LAN, local area network or the WAN, wide area network. This can be installed at home, but also manage the office automation system via PC, smartphone, or tablet. Thus, for example, a supplier sees via Internet camera when it has to light up the light and intervene. Or can startup the presence simulation so it looks like it is at home.

It can be relatively simple setups, such as the shop door that opens and closes automatically when you approach it, or the lighting of the hall that automatically flashes on when the doorbell rings.

Most applications can be found in the kitchen and bathroom as well as for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Typical applications are:

  • heating;
  • airconditioning (HVAC);
  • lighting.

The “smart home” allows more efficient use of commercial premises, automatization of certain domestic processes, and to diversify your leisure. Although the smart-home is an expensive technology that requires planning from the very beginning the construction of the building and quality of equipment, there are alternative solutions. The simplest design for the house you can add some progressive machines that extend the functionality of living space and room.

For example even now, with home automation technologies a furnace can notify owners when it needs cleaning. When the refrigerator will need a technical review, it shows the message. Alarms can simultaneously call security service and the host of the house, if there is an uninvited guest in the house. With multi-room setup, home may determine which of the family members is moving in the house, and include a light (temperature / music, etc.), which suits this particular person.

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