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Home security system or alarm system is an electronic system that indicates hazardous events. It is normally designed to detect the intrusion or burglary, but today’s alarm systems usually are not limited to the only function and offer to owner several other options, such as fire alarm, a personal alarm, etc.

Home security systems often use passive infrared sensors which react to movement, magnetic sensors placed on the windows, doors, garage doors (the sensor excitation triggers the alarm), glass break detectors, and panic buttons. You can also choose to add more detectors, but this complicates localization of triggered detector and troubleshooting. Most can be armed / disarmed by typing on the keyboard a code set by the user.

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For fire detection, these systems are usually equipped with optical smoke detectors and fire detectors. In large buildings, they often have a connection to the fire department, and are capable to interact with other fire protection systems such as automatic fire-extinguishing systems (water sprinklers, gas extinguishing systems), smoke extraction systems, emergency lighting, audible warning system, etc.

There exist several types of the alarm indication, for example, making a loud noise in case of intrusion or it can be a silent alarm, when the system send an alarm signal to a security company, which are to check what has happened, or a combination of both, which is most common. There are also systems that deal up the default phone number and tell the owner that the alarm has gone off with the opportunity of remote reset and double / single voice communication or listening function.

A burglar alarm can be programmed to perform a variety of actions, when the alarm is triggered. A siren or flashing light may be put into action and smoke generators can start produce smoke screen to disorient the intruders, cameras can begin recording, etc. You can also program it to lock and unlock the doors or turn off and turn on lights, either with time control or in case of activation / deactivation. In case of intrusion, home security system normally sent A or B-alarm, the difference between them is that the A-alarm is activated, when more than one sensor are triggered, it means that the risk of a real intrusion is higher than if only a single sensor is triggered, which is a B-alarm scenario.

These little home systems can be very helpful in case of need. And investigators have to explore all existing types and models, as well as their function to explain in their research proposals on home security system what are main benefits in using them and what methods they use to prevent a burglary, fire, or any other accident, and functionality they bring. To make the task easier, it may be useful to look through a couple of free sample research papers, which can give you some idea of how to write a good research project on the subject.

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