How to Write a 20 Page Research Paper in One Night

Very often students delay the process of research paper writing in the last week, but there are also individuals who start doing their assignment a few hours before the deadline. It is a significant risk, and it is probably impossible to succeed in such paper writing, but there are useful techniques which can organize the student’s work well and help him with completing a 20-page research paper in one night.

5 Basic Writing Tips:

  • Firstly, the student should pick the best topic for the research. The success of the paper will directly depend on the nature of the topic because if one chooses a broad and obscure problem for the analysis, he will never cope with it quickly. The student is expected to pick a narrow but impressive and thought-provoking topic because it is easier to focus on the problem and its core points and questions.
  • Secondly, the student is supposed to create a detailed and lengthy outline for the paper to write down every critical chapter, subtopic, the question in order not to forget about them researching because when one has little time, he starts to panic and misses numerous essential facts planned for the analysis. Along outline will take at least one page of the assignment and the student will require less space for the essential parts of college research paper.
  • Thirdly, one should prepare an excellent introduction and abstract introducing the problem of the paper to the reader and proving its importance and relevance. One should focus on the purpose of the research, expectations and the methods used in the process of investigation. After that, there is a great thesis statement, which attracts the attention of the reader and informs about the topic and the problems to be analyzed in the paper.
  • Fourthly, writing the main part of the paper the student should bear in mind the essential structure of the research paper, because being aware of this necessary information, the student will merely insert his thoughts in the right order and waste no time on thinking about the technical elements of writing. One should organize the paper logically and present facts in the correct order analyzing the problem professionally. It is impossible to type 20 ‘clear’ and non-plagiarized pages in one night, so one should insert as many citations as possible to fill the space with something. It is also useful to find an example paper on the web, read it and merely reproduce the information in your own words without plagiarism and copy pasting.
  • Finally, when the central part is ready, the student should create a long and detailed conclusion, literature review chapters and reference parts to fill as much remaining space as possible.

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