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KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a chain of American fast food headquartered in Louisville in Kentucky, which is part of Yum!.

The brand was founded in the middle of the XXth century by Colonel Harland Sanders, known for his fried chicken recipes.

Today the chain is used every day by nearly 8 million customers worldwide in its 14,000 restaurants, 79% are franchising spread across 80 countries in the world.

Use free sample research paper on KFC to know that Harland Sanders was born in Henryville, in the Indiana, and since a very young age had a passion for cooking. After holding many jobs during his youth, to provide for his family, he decided in 1940 to serve its own revenue to customers of the service station he owned in Corbin in Kentucky. With its success, he opened a restaurant and motel on the other side of the street, a thriving business that allowed him to begin creating a network of franchises across the country. The construction of a new highway interstate to the location of his business a few years later forced him to close. Ruined, he left then cross the United States in search of a restaurant willing to buy his chickens.

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Harland Sanders founded a new company, he called Kentucky Fried Chicken under the guidance of Pete Harman owner of any first franchise sold by Colonel. In 1952, the first KFC restaurant opened near Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States. His young company will therefore start to grow up counting 600 outlets across the United States. He sold the chain in 1964 for $ 2 million to an investor group led by the future governor of Kentucky, John Y. Brown, Jr..

In addition to fried chicken, KFC offers in its menu other dishes. In American restaurants, one can for example order coleslaw in mayonnaise sauce, the mashed potatoes, pastries, corn cobs, the pies, the hamburgers, the ribs, green beans, wings chicken, Chicken Popcorn (fried chicken bites served in a cardboard cone), sandwiches and desserts. The chain map is however not as diverse in other countries. In France KFC proposes as accompaniments corn, tomato mozzarella salad, the fries, the Fresnos (stick fried pepper stuffed with herbs), burgers and desserts. KFC adapts to regional specificities as is the case in Quebec with poutine. It was noted that Spain accompaniments can be closer to the U.S. model with white cabbage salad, white rice, red beans in sauce, and fries.

In 2003, PETA called to boycott the brand, accusing it of failing to meet its commitments to improving the living conditions of chickens sold in restaurants. KFC replied that poultry purchased came from producers is regularly checked and they had nothing against animal rights. The organization stated that the statements made ??by the chain were wrong and kept its accusations. Many celebrities answered the call of Peta, as the actresss Pamela Anderson who found herself at the center of a display of the association campaign in September 2004.

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