Molecular Biology Research Proposal

Molecular biology is the branch of biology which studies biological processes on the level of biopolymers – nucleic acids, proteins and their structures. The fundamental tasks of molecular biology are the research of the molecular mechanisms of the major biological processes, such as reproduction and realization of genetic information, biosynthesis of proteins and nucleic acids and the study of the molecular background of these processes. It is natural, that everything alive consists of the smallest particles called molecules and it is of vital importance to learn about the principles of their existence, activity and cooperation which other molecules within the biological processes which maintain life on the planet. There are several branches of the research on molecular biology. First of all it is the research of macromolecules and their structures which create live materials focusing on their heredity, development and growth.

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The second branch is the research of the processes inside of the cell – biosynthesis of DNA, synthesis of RNA, etc. The following branch is the study of the macromolecular functions and processes in the cell. The final branch of the research is the creation and generation of the new methods and biotechnologies for the practical application. Molecular biology has its birth in the 1950s when the experts managed to define, describe, understand, isolate and process molecular components of the live cells and organisms. These components include DNA, RNA and proteins. Molecular biology has a very important practical value, because the discoveries in this sphere can influence numerous innovations in molecular medicine which is based on the research of the human diseases on the molecular level.

Molecular biology is a profound study which is aimed at the research of the biological processes on the molecular and cellular level. The student who has become interested in the issues on molecular biology is able to generate a few smart ideas which would touch upon the important processes on molecular biology. The young person has to create a detailed plan of the research, demonstrate the points for the analysis and share the methods of the research with the processor. Finally, one should prove to the professor that the matter on molecular biology is worth research and whether it is relevant.

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