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Neuroscience is the science which studies the structure, functioning, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology and disorders of the nervous system. The study of behaviour and its type is also the field of research of neuroscience and it connects it with psychology. The study of the human brains is a complicated job, which can not be carried out in the boarder of the single discipline, because the research starts from the study of the molecules and nervous cells and finishes with the complicated system of the human brain and the whole nervous system in general.

The topics of the research of neuroscience are: the activity of neurotransmitters in synapse; how genes influence the development of the nervous system in embryo and adulthood; the activity towards the simple structures of the nervous system; the structure and functioning of the complex neural chains – perception, memory and speech.

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The human brain is an extremely complicated system and neuroscience is closely connected with numerous disciplines and now it also involves computer technologies for the detailed research of the work of the brains and the whole nervous system organizing the new branch of the science – computational neuroscience. The results of the research in the sphere of neuroscience are widely used in medicine, because there are more and more people with the nervous disorders and problem with the nervous system and behavior. In addition, due to the research of the human brain it is possible to cure the serious diseases and injures of the certain parts of the brain, which was mostly impossible even a few years ago.

Neuroscience is the perspective discipline which is supposed to solve numerous problems related with the nervous disorders and problems with the human nervous system. Nowadays, the discipline is only on its developing stage and fresh and creative ideas are quite valuable for the improvement of the science. He student who wants to contribute into the development of neuroscience should learn about the current condition and structure of the science and than share the alternative and brand new ideas in the research proposal trying to convince the professor that the topic is worth investigation. One should present the list of the sources and methods used for the research of neuroscience and complete a logical structure of the paper which would reflect the responsible attitude of the student towards the process of writing.

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