Cultural Anthropology Research Proposal

Cultural anthropology is the science of the culture as the complex of material objects, ideas, values, beliefs, and models of behavior in all its forms and all the historical stages of its development.

In the bright meaning, cultural anthropology is the science which studies the action of the human being and the results of his activity. As a separate independent discipline, cultural anthropology originated in the USA in the second half of the 19th century. The brightest thinkers of cultural anthropology are Franz Boas, Ruth Benedict, Marcel Mauss, Lucien Lévy-Bruhl, Claude Lévi-Strauss, etc. It is evident that there is an excellent relation between cultural anthropology and ethnology because both sciences study the human activity through the long run of history. In fact, ethnology is a narrower science which dwells on the language, folklore, material art and probably nothing more.

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Cultural anthropology has a more profound approach towards the issue because it studies nations and the whole humanity as a single unity. It compares the worldview, material and moral values, factors which influence the human diversity on the planet, etc. Anthropology studies the rational thought so that it becomes connected with psychology, philosophy, and sociology.

Cultural anthropology can be called a fundamental discipline without exaggeration because it touches upon the most critical aspects of the human life and all the forms of the human existence. Naturally, such events as Great Geographic Discoveries, Industrial Revolution, World Wars, etc. have caused severe impact on the human mind and behavior and the results of the human activity. No wonder, the science is still quite relevant and generates new and new approaches and methods of the research of the problematic fundamental issues.

Cultural anthropology is a complicated and broad issue for the research, but the student can focus on the selected problems which require additional research. The young person can generate an exciting and thought-provoking project which can answer the disturbing questions related to cultural anthropology and the principles of its functioning. The student has the opportunity to observe the selected problem in detail, prove to the professor its relevance, importance, and usefulness for the discipline.

Apparently, creativity is always respected so one has the chance to complete a persuasive research proposal which will undoubtedly be accepted by the professor.

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