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Nicolaus Copernicus is a Latin name from Miko?aj Kopernik, born 19 February 1473 in Toru? Dagens, Poland and died 24 May 1543 in Frauenburg, was a monk, mathematician, astronomer, economist, jurist, military strategist, ambassador, doctor, and astrologer.

Use free sample research papers to know that in his work On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, published in 1543, Copernicus described how the earth rotates around its axis, and how it and the other planets orbiting the Sun (the heliocentric world view). This was contrary to the accepted view that the Earth formed the world’s center and sun, moon and the other planets orbit this center, which was founded on what Aristotle and Ptolemy claimed in antiquity.

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Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Torun in 1473 in the Royal Prussia as the youngest son of Niklas Kopernik Sr., a merchant from Kraków, and Barbara Watzenrode, the daughter of a German merchant Thorn. In 1491 he was accepted into the University of Kraków, where besides theology and medicine he dedicated himself to mathematics and astronomy. During the years 1495-1500 he studied jurisprudence at the University of Bologna in Italy. In 1497 he was appointed a canon at the cathedral in Frauenburg in Prussia, but remained in Bologna. In 1500, he came to Rome, where he lectured in mathematics and astronomy, and in 1501 he made a visit to his native place and got extended leave to study medicine and law at the University of Padua. In 1503 he was elevated to the doctor in ecclesiastical law at the University of Ferrara for two years later to leave Italy.

The following years he resided at a relative of Heilsberg in Royal Prussia to his death in 1512, after which he held various positions at the chapter house in Frauenburg and recently spent time in Königsberg in the Prussian Order as a doctor of Teutonic Knights master and Poland’s vassal, Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach. When in 1520 master Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach attacked his Polish feudal lord, King Sigismund, Copernicus was sent in the embassy to the master demanding the return of conquered cities and territories. Negotiations broke down, however, and the fighting continued, with Copernicus leading the defense of the city of Allen Stein against the Teutonic Knights. In 1521 the Knights defeated the troops of Sigismund, and Copernicus received the power of attorney to represent the district of Warmia during negotiations with the Knights of the return of captured territories.

During all these diverse pursuits Copernicus worked from his return from Italy to Poland on his great life’s work De revolutionibus orbium coelestium with his observations of celestial bodies.

De revolutionibus consists of six parts. In the first Copernicus held that the Earth is a sphere. Then he writes that the six planets including earth orbiting the sun in perfectly circular orbits (i.e., not in elliptical orbits, as in reality). Copernicus believed that the circulating planets were attached to crystal spheres. At this time, the gravity was not yet known. Outside of the planets, he argued that there was a motionless sphere of fixed stars.

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