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Nursing is a part of the system of healthcare which includes such services as the activity aimed at the maintenance of the human health, prevention of diseases, supply of the psychosocial help and care to the people who have physical and psychological problems and to the disabled people who can not work and fulfill various physical operations. The sphere of nursing is extremely varied and depends on the country and culture and the quality of the healthcare system of the particular region. In one area a nurse is a simple assistant of a physicist and in the other place a nurse has to substitute all possible doctors providing people with first aid and quality healthcare assistance on various diseases. On the one hand, a nurse is not supposed to provide one with all possible help, on the other hand this occupation has a universal character and the nurse has to be aware about the basics of this job. The founder of nursing was Florence Nightingale, the British nurse, who suggested the healthcare reform for the improvement of the medical services.

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She separated the healthcare services from nursing and dwelled on the fact that nursing is more a psychological help to the patient and the creation of the appropriate atmosphere favorable for the recovering. The nurse has to assist to the doctor and provide patients of all ages, social groups, gender, etc with the quality help. Although, the scope of the nurse’s activity is quite wide, there are nurses of the narrow qualification and they are supposed to assist to definite operations carried out by the physicist.

Nursing is an important activity aimed at the protection and improvement of the patient’s health. The student is expected to observe the topic from all possible sides and share his ideas about it. The young person should remember about the objectiveness of his ideas if he wants to complete a quality analysis on nursing. The student should observe the history of the establishing of this occupation, think about its main tasks, compare the duties of nurses in different countries and decide whether the role of nursing is serious in modern system of healthcare or not. Finally one should evaluate the current condition of nursing and think about the possible improvement of this service in future.

A research report requires professional formatting and technical organization of the text, so the student should take advantage of a free nursing fatigue and patient safety reproach report example found online and study the style of writing and the structure of the paper. Moreover, the young person is able to look through a free nursing times research report sample and learn about the format and the logical organization of the text.

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