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Nursing theory is the scientific name of the framework for application-oriented disciplines (practice fields) of the child health, nursing, and medical care education. Nursing theory is associated with the social sciences and covers the areas of nursing education and nursing research. Related disciplines of nursing theory are the medicine, health science, sociology, psychology, biology, philosophy, and history.

The first nursing theory positions can already be found in the 20th Century. Thus, the English nurse Florence Nightingale, who is considered the pioneer of modern nursing, used statistical methods for the collection and analysis of health data.

The roots of modern nursing theory are, however, in the U.S.: The first course was dated there to 1907. After the end of World War II ??in the USA, the Russell Sage Foundation was supported and brought out by Esther Lucille Brown Study Nurses to fill the gap created due to the reported lack of nursing care in the U.S.

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Accordingly, the first nursing educational courses emerged. Clearly, during this period nursing theory degree programs, research institutes, and relevant journals were originally formed and founded. In 1952, Hildegard Peplau opened the discourse on nursing theories and models of care.

From the U.S. the academic movement arrived at a different rate in Europe: In 1946, there were calls for the establishment of a nursing program at the University of Heidelberg. In 1953, this led to the founding of the nursing school at the University of Heidelberg. However, the desire for an academic education failed due to resistance of the sister organizations. In the GDR existed first care-related courses at the Humboldt University in Berlin and Halle / Wittenberg as early as in the ’60s, albeit with a stronger pedagogical-didactic or medical-scientific character. Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries relatively early started with the construction of nursing degree programs.

In the same period, institutions that were committed to promoting nursing science and prescribed research originated outside colleges and universities. Mention should be only the product obtained from a foundation Agnes Karll Institute of Nursing Research of the DBfK.

College and university students have to understand that in contrast to early care science, ein the nursing theory dominated theoretical debate about basic concepts, issues of nursing practice, which are increasingly relevant and such as having strong influence on the modern research results. Nursing practice and nursing theory are thus two mutually influential areas of care (nursing care practice = + nursing theory). In particular, the research paper of the effectiveness of care measures and concepts is focused to help directly improve the quality of care.

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