Philosophy Research Proposal

Philosophy is the discipline which studies the fundamental questions connected with the existence and the purpose of the human life and the relation of the human with the surrounding world. During the time of the existence of philosophy the discipline was believed to be able to explain the fundamental laws and rules of the development of the world and the society.

Philosophy tries to research the processes of thinking and understand the moral categories and values. Among the most important and famous questions which have always disturbed the minds of philosophers since the time immemorial are: ‘Can we understand the world?’ ‘Does the God exist?’ ‘What is the truth and realness?’ ‘What is good and evil?’

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Modern philosophers claim that philosophy is the science with the narrow scope of research and that it is rather a certain type of the worldview, a general approach to the understanding of the essential questions mentioned above. Philosophy exists like a set of the completely different and controversial theories and approaches which are opposed to one another. There are many branches of philosophy and the most famous of them are metaphysics, ethics, political philosophy, etc. philosophy is considered to be the mother of all the existing sciences, because every science, like biology, physics, etc tries to answer the questions connected with the origin of life, purpose of life and existence of the world. No wonder, every existing science is closely connected with philosophy and has its background in it.

Philosophy is the fundamental science, which tries to explain all the processes on the planet. There were many philosophers who devoted their life to the development of the discipline and presented their theories. Although the theories and points of view are completely different, everyone can find there something important and useful for him. When a student has become interested in philosophy, he can try to prepare a research proposal and win the opportunity to complete a good research paper on it. A well-organized philosophy research proposal should be informative, interesting and contain brand new ideas supported with the reliable evidence from the trustworthy sources. Moreover, a research proposal is a kind of a persuasive writing, so a student should do his best to complete a logical and well-structured brief paper with the interesting content.

Except of a literature review and methodology chapters a research proposal on the discipline has other difficult moments. First of all it is structure and the process of formatting. With the help of the Internet and a free sample research proposal on philosophy one will easily understand how to solve these problems. Moreover, a free example research proposal on philosophy is a high-quality piece of advice for students who are not aware of the convincing ways of writing.

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