Physical Geography Research Proposal

Physical geography is the science about the nature and the anthropogenic changes of the landscape of Earth, which is the environment for the living organisms of the planet. Physical geography is a complex discipline which studies the planet’s geography and its peculiarities: the landscape, palaeontology, the structure of soil and rocks, etc. Being a complex and varied discipline physical geography includes also the narrower disciplines which focus on the separate elements of the planet’s geography: geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, oceanography, the geography of soil, biogeography, zoogeography, etc. Physical geography is closely connected with agriculture, because every science exists for the human convenience. With the help of the research on physical geography it is possible to improve the quality and productiveness of agriculture. Then, the science is quite useful for the development of the recreational sphere, because the experts research the peculiarities of the environment of the human health.

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The issue of landscapes is observed like a single integral system and physical geography studies the landscapes from the point of view of physics and chemistry focusing on the pluses of the minerals, soil and rocks which can be used in the human activity. Physical geography does not observe the issues of the surface of the planet or its landscape, but also pays attention to the global processes of the change of the planet’s relief, tectonic movement, etc. In addition the science pays attention to the location of various geographic objects on Earth and tries to understand the reason of this location and the interconnection between these objects. Finally, physical geography does not only carry out the theoretic and practical research but also works out detailed maps of the selected areas for various needs.

Physical geography is the important science which studies the inner and outer processes of Earth. The student should improve his knowledge about the aspects of physical geography if he wants to prepare a brand new research proposal on the alternative topic. One should brainstorm the points which require additional attention and plan the methodology of their research. The student is expected to demonstrate the purpose of writing and prepare an annotated bibliography section which would illustrate the quality of the sources used for the observation of physical geography.

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