Physical Oceanography Research Paper

Physical oceanography studies the state of the ocean and the physical processes in it, mostly properties and movements of ocean water masses.

Physical oceanography is one of five branches that make up the oceanography, with the other four being the chemical oceanography, marine biology, geology and meteorology. Physical oceanography is interested in specific cases of geophysical fluid dynamics.

Those college students, who have decided to prepare there research paper on physical oceanography have to clearly see that the uniqueness of our planet is largely due to the presence of oceans.

Approximately 98% of the water on Earth is in the oceans, which also are the main source of water vapor giving the major part of precipitation on continents as snow or rain.

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On the other hand, the enormous capacity of the ocean to absorb heat moderates the climate of the planet, and influences the atmosphere composition through the absorption by the ocean of many. The ocean can even change the composition of volcanic rock on the ocean floor, as well as the composition of gases and magma created in areas of subduction. Earth without ocean would certainly unrecognizable.

The ocean is much deeper than the heights of the dry land. The average elevation of the land surface of the planet earth is about 900 meters, while the average ocean depth is 3800 meters. Despite this important difference, such extrema as dorsal and pits are rare for both seabed and for Earth.

Fast movements are largely dominated by gravity waves, especially wave and tide. Waves provide a vital role in the interactions between the ocean and atmosphere as they determine (and are also determined by) the “friction” of the wind on the surface of the ocean. Other gravity waves, the internal waves, derive their energy from surface waves and also play an important role, particularly during their surge at great depths, causing a partial mixing of deep water and keeps the Current ocean circulation. All these waves produce turbulent motions at their breaking or due to bottom friction. Rapid oceanic processes can be studied dynamically or in the energetic way.

One of the slow phenomena is observed in oceanography overall wind flow generated by the density of the water masses and bathymetry. This movement is also known as thermohaline circulation because the heaving line and heat content of the water masses strongly influences the heaving line content of the water. One of the illustrations of the thermohaline circulation, well known to the general public, is the Gulf Stream.

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