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Political theory is the complex of disciplines which dwell on the issues related with politics, its philosophy and its most urgent questions. Political theory is a very important discipline which can be called the essential source of knowledge for every politician who wants to make wise constructive decisions. Political theory consists of several major branches – history of political ideas, political philosophy, positive political theory and epistemology. The history of political ideas is the knowledge gained through centuries and even thousands of years till the modern time. The ancient civilizations, including Ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt and Babylon, have contributed into the development of political thought and it is important to follow their heritage even today. With the run of time numerous political ideas appeared and received their development and improvement possessing their own strong and weak sides.

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The modern civilization has to pay attention to this heritage while generating new ideas, solutions and decisions. Political philosophy is probably the most important branch of political theory because it tries to answer to the most thought-provoking questions related with administration and management of the country, laws, taxation, social issues, juridical system, inner and outer policy of the state, etc. Positive political theory provides experts with the tools and methodology of the research on politics and tries to predict and explain all the core political phenomena and their value for the human civilization. Epistemology is the final branch of political theory and its duty is to answer the most relevant questions about how and what to improve in politics and what decisions are ethically and morally correct.

Political theory is the discipline which tries to organize the wide scope of political sciences into the single logical integral unity. The student is able to find the issues which have not been researched before and prepare an informative and interesting project for the investigation. One is able to complete a brief but informative proposal which is aimed at the persuasion of the professor in the quality of the chosen topic for the analysis. The student has to construct the paper completing the precise outline with all the points for the research, the methodology and expectations and predictions of the results of the investigation.

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