Psychological Empowerment Research Paper

The concept of empowerment (literally “increase the capacity to act”) refers to a diverse set of practices that can be underpinned by divergent theoretical assumptions.

In case you are seeking to prepare and structure a research paper on psychological empowerment you have to know its efficacy against assistantship and dependence logic.

The notion of empowerment suggests the existence of the individuals, whose ability to act is low. This weakness is not natural, but social. It could be corrected by a process of increasing the capacity to act. The empowerment opposes thus an attitude that, facing social inequality, domination, presents those down as passive victims, unable to act for themselves and thus doomed to assistantship and therefore dependence.

Instead, the empowerment is aimig to highlight the fact that individuals can fight against their situation and get out by themselves if they are given the means.

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Psychological empowerment and individual empowerment:

  1. Psychological empowerment: A first level on which it would be possible to take action to increase the capacity of individuals to act lies in individual psychology. The individual is not able to act because he or she lacks confidence.
    This type of approach often takes the form of personal development courses and coaching. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is one of the forms taken by these methods of psychological empowerment.
    The economic cost of these types of empowerment can be supported through professional training (DIF), but can also be taken through the efforts by the individual himself.
  2. Empowerment empowerment as individuals: The liberal economist Amartya Sen questioned the reasons for the ineffectiveness of any against poverty program. Indeed, such programs were focused on the provision of material or economic resources to individuals.
    However, according to the expert freedom to act is not a pure abstract power, but requires specific conditions. Indeed, if the individual does not have the capabilities that enable him to act, he will be unable to implement the skills to use the resources provided.
    The theory of Amartya Sen’s capabilities thus had a significant impact on programs, such as those linking gender and development in the south countries. Indeed, it had long observed that development programs have more impact when they were focused on women. At the same time, they are those who have the least access to schooling and thus have the least opportunity to develop skills enabling them to use the resources provided by development aid.
    Thus, we may consider as effective the case of micro-credit assistance to start an economic activity, but with necessary addition in this case of the appropriate training allowing to enable women to make their micro-businesses running.

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