Employee Empowerment Research Proposal

Employee empowerment is the strategy which is aimed at the involvement of employees into the decision making process and organization of their own activity. Employee empowerment is quite a young policy, which is based on the alternative approach towards the process of human resource management. Years ago such an idea would not even occur but now with the development of the democratic society and maintenance of the human and employees’ rights employers practice brand new strategies devoting the process of planning and fulfillment of job to the employees.

When a company is close to bankrupting, its production rates are poor and the quality of work is low, the only solution is to involve employees and their alternative ideas concerning the improvement of work.

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If an employee gains freedom of action and decision making, he will treat the work with responsibility and choose the most appropriate way to complete the work on time. It is obvious that employee empowerment can exist in the companies, where the staff is well-trained and experienced, because if a novice employee is given freedom of choice, he would probably by at a loss. Naturally, employee empowerment is risky decision, but most often it is very effective, because employees often know better how to work and what to do and where. Being responsible for their decision and results of their work, employees treat the job more seriously and try to succeed in the process of production avoiding failing possessing the fear of losing the employer’s respect and credit.

Employee empowerment is the involvement of the skills and knowledge of employees for the development of the company and the common benefit. Students who are going to research the problem deeper are obliged to complete a persuasive employee empowerment research proposal and prove to the professor that the topic is worth research. A well-organized research proposal is believed to explain the purpose of the research on employee empowerment, present its core strong and weak sides, dwell on the major principles and aspects of empowerment and the main pluses which the company gains practising such a policy. Students who are researching the problem have to evaluate the relevance of the topic and share the expected results on employee empowerment paper demonstrating the methods and sources of the research.

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Custom Research Proposal on Employee Empowerment

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