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Racism in Canada is buried under a number of politically correct conceptions, but it does not mean that it is not present in the actual political life of the country. It is still easily traceable in the conversations between average people, on insults, that are heard when typical Canadian gets irritated and on the people activity, when there is no censorious voice of public. The question is not about the politics implanted by the state, but is about the people opinion. In the years of the Second World War, Canadians used possibility to discriminate the people of other nationalities and immigrants.

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To continue the discussion of the problem we may say that many Canadians showed hostility to Japanese migrants living in British Colombia (in particular, in the capital Vancouver). The main reason for that is considered to be Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, which led to establishing in Canada, right after it was done in the States, the network of labor camps for Japanese people living on territory of Canada. Local population started to blame Japaneses in everything, beginning from poor crop, and ending be the downed tires.

The population began to call in the mass order a government asking to do anything with these Japanese migrants, demanding to get rid from local Japaneses.

It was a pre-election year, and the prime minister McCensy decides to arrest and isolate every Japanese men of the age from 14 to 45. For this purpose he establishes the network of labor camps, where Japaneses are driven away to, with all their property being taken away, and their fishing ships put for sale. 7 labor camps were created, for about 22.000 Japaneses.

Explanation for their detention was simple: these people have been declared potential spies. To those Japaneses who remained free it was forbidden to freely move, there was the list of places, where they were forbidden to be.

The same happened with local Germans. They were accused of potential espionage, and sent in labor camps. Located in the Ottawa valley. Property of these people was confiscated and sold at the auctions.

The same self happened with Italian community, and even after the War the anti-Italian moods were very wide among Canadians.

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