Racism in Education Research Paper

To fight against racism in education there are a few provision to follow: Skin color is not what determines us.

We have to stop to see anything behind the color of the skin. This is character that identity is based on. However, it is important not to judge only part of what we are. To do this, we must understand that it is not only the most visible characteristics such as skin color or gender, that represents us, and upon which we must build us.

We have to understand that such phenomena as slavery is not the product of a confrontation between people of different colors but mainly the result of political and economic construction.

Education should provide models of representation available to all.

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The fight against racism must be built around education that is given to children. For this it is necessary to change our imaginations through the modernization of the curriculum beyond the processes of domination of the white culture. Within the school curriculum, the black population should not therefore be primarily associated with slavery and the great intellectuals represented by “white men.” It is clear that our image is built on our skin color, in unconscious way.

We must therefore introduce the people who were important in the different cultural backgrounds so that everyone can identify with peers, in a positive way. In fact, “sometimes you’re in a society that you return a negative message about yourself.”

We must show identification models that allow children to develop self-esteem. Because if we do not show them, they end up believing that these models do not exist. This self-esteem is essential for the development of each tool. It opens the field of possibilities while preventing the formation of a self-exclusion process, violence against oneself and therefore violence against others.

Professional education therefore is responsible to explain to children that everyone has the right to have dreams and the ability to accomplish. To this we must show them examples of people who were able to achieve through education, and in which they can identify. We must emphasize the importance of education in the emancipation of white domination process. It can help us to understand the society in which we live and therefore have an impact on it.

A reflection on the process of construction of racial prejudice is necessary.

We must therefore consider the set of elements that contributes even today to the formation of opinions and racial prejudice in order to deviate from the current educational system, because we are often in an unconscious repetition of our modes operation.

The first thing is that each of us can question their prejudices. That’s how we’re going to move forward, because again, it is very difficult not to include the surrounding discourse.

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