Research Paper on Racism in Sports

Racism in sports is a very widespread phenomenon, in both Europe and the United States. To some extent, this phenomenon exists in all countries, and the leaders of local Olympic committees are making considerable efforts to prevent riots – both during the events themselves, and after their graduation, and at the stadium during an event, or after it in the area adjacent to the facility.

Evidence suggests that this problem is, unfortunately, all too common and well known to many.

Organizers of sports and law enforcement agencies are trying to restrain aggressive fans by the sanctioning their athletes and fan clubs. These penalties are based on the assumption that the “perpetrator” is inherently rational and sane person. The model is based on an approach in which preference is not to punish the offense, but vice versa – the promotion of those fans who have not committed such violations.

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The idea of the concept lies in the fact that the majority of fans come to the stadium to enjoy directly the sports side of the event. These fans should be supported, knowing that those fans who behave aggressively and give racist statements undoubtedly constitute a minority. Have a positive minded fans supported will strengthen their sense of responsibility towards the manifestations of aggression, and will help to maintain the spirit of sport, creating a safe and pleasant environment in the stadiums.

At the heart of this process is the assumption that recognizes the possibility of the parties of the conflict, accompanying neutral professional, definite plan and pre-established rules are able personally participate in resolution of it. Purpose of the process is the creation of conditions and search for original solutions to best meet the most important needs of all those interested in promoting the team, with an attempt to achieve full agreement between all parties.

The basic principle of mediation, and in particular – the process of consensus building – is built on the idea of creating a situation in which all participants benefit (a win – win situation). The basis of this approach is the assumption that in many cases the solution of the conflict occurs on the basis of the position and strength of a side. Each side is trying to achieve the goal by reducing and suppressing the other side. The concept of mutual benefit is an alternative to the concept of a force solution to the conflict. It is based on the assumption that the root of any conflict are the interests and needs of the various parties, and some of these interests are common to both sides.

Sometimes in order to identify common interests and reach a common side benefit, neutral party intervention is required, which will help the parties together and individually to achieve their goals.

This method is the basis of the mediation process, as well as through the process of constructing a consensus.

The process of consensus-building is very important and effective where there is a system of long-term relationships and common interests. Dependence of one side on the other requires establishing relations and the installation of the permanent settlement of disputes.

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