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Aggression is a concept in the international law, which implies any illegal application of force by a state against another state or its population (nation) territory or political independence. The most dangerous form of aggression is military aggression; the use of military forces against another state is considered the most violent international perpetration against the peace and safety of humanity.

Free sample research papers on the topic will help you understand that the concept of aggression includes the notion of initiative, which means that in the case of aggression there is always an initiating side. The activity of a state under attack that is exercised in self-defense, even it includes military respond, cannot be considered as an aggression, as well as collective activity of the states according to the UN charter, undertaking in order to re-installation and maintenance of the peace and international safety. The concept is legit only in relation to international conflicts and cannot be used in the case of civil war: a subject of aggression can only be the whole states, but not a part of the state in conflict with its another part.

However, the violence against the nations as a part of empire having full right on self-determination can be considered as an ac of aggression.

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The responsibility for an aggression is applied in accord with the principle of international law, which is based on the defense of the application of the force in international relationship. The state perpetrator has to bear political and material responsibility and for the violation of the international law, while individuals have to bear criminal criminal responsibility for their actions aimed against international peace.

As it has been already mentioned, there are political and material responsibility of the state the act of aggression. The political responsibility implies various forms of the abridgement of the scope of the aggressor-state sovereignty: full or partly demilitarization, social order and political system democratization.

The material responsibility of the aggressor-state may imply restitution (the restoration of material loss and recompense for injury or damage) or reparation (recompense for the loss and damage in the financial equivalent).

In addition, the international law stipulate individual criminal responsibility for the persons accounted for the planning, preparation, initiation, and application of aggression, as well as the individuals that committed crimes against humanity during aggression. The principle of the international responsibility was adopted by the UN international committee and exercises jurisdiction in the state members.

The cause of aggression have been studied for centuries. There are some essential subjective factors: historical memory, revenge traditions, radicalism and extremism in some religious doctrines, the image of superiority cultivated by the media and even individual psychological characteristics of the political leaders. Modern civil society has various instruments to oppose social aggression – international movement for peace consists of millions of the people opposing violence.

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