Research Proposal on Peace Building

Peace building is the strategy and complex human activity aimed at the regulation of conflicts of all kinds with the objective and constructive help of the forces of the international organizations.

The policy of peace building appeared in the second half of the 20th century after World War 2 which was a real disaster for the whole planet. In order to maintain peace and security on the planet, numerous countries started to combine their efforts and united into the international organizations which help the countries which are on the edge of war or inner or outer conflict maintain peace and prevent destruction. Nowadays the importance of peace building forces is quite urgent, because the international misunderstandings still exist and the aim of the global community is to prevent crime and violence.

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Peace building is mainly focused on such points as: prevention of the use of nuclear weapon; prevention of the activity of the totalitarian governments which exploit people and practise genocides; maintain of the human rights, especially women’s rights, gender, racial, ethnical, religious equity, etc. There are countries which are on the edge of the civil war, the results of which can be dangerous for the existence of the country, the life of its people and to the life and prosperity of the neighbour countries. The most well-known organization which has peace building ad its primary job is the United Nations Organization. UNO has carried out dozens of peace building operations all over the world with the aim of establishing peace and the rule of law of the endangered territories. Naturally, the peace building forces consist of the troops of the member countries of the organization and all of them combine their efforts to calm the conflict down.

Peace building is quite an important activity nowadays, because this practice maintains the global peace and prevents aggression and accumulation of the dangerous nuclear weapon. The student is able to observe the issue on peace building from the alternative point f view and complete a successful research proposal which would persuade the professor in the quality and urgency of the chosen topic. One should focus on the purpose of writing, the most thought-provoking sides of peace building and the methodology of the research.

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