Research Paper on Air Suspension System

Air suspension is a suspension system that uses the compression of gas, here in the form of compressed air, for the suspension travel. The spring elements consist of air bellows filled with air of a compressor, which is usually driven by the vehicle engine.

Advantages of air suspension over conventional steel springs are comfortable ride quality and continuously variable level control. Via the control valves, the pressure in the air bellows depending on load.

Those who are about to write a research paper on the topic have to know that air suspension was introduced on Cadillac Eldorado Brougham model year 1957.

The system was then offered as an option on several other American car brands in the late 1950s, but reliability problems meant that the system quickly disappeared again. Air suspension was also used in German luxury cars, such as the Borgward P100, Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL and Mercedes-Benz 600 in the 1960s. The complexity and the high cost of production, coupled with the development of ever-improving conventional suspension system meant that the air suspension system never became popular for use in normal everyday cars.

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The air suspension reappeared in the late 1990s as an option for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Nowadays most premium brands offer suspension system for their car models.

Air springs are also used in heavy vehicles. By continually adjust the suspension for the load weight of a truck is improved both comfort for the driver and the load on the roadway.

The air suspension system provides greater softness for your truck, car, van, or recreational vehicle. Driveability problems caused by heavy or improperly distributed loads can be quickly corrected simply by adding or removing the air from the system and can be controlled from inside the vehicle, including during moving.

On modern buses used air suspension often used to regulate the height of the bus floor and the bus stop at the service. The air suspension system is also used to display that vehicles can be walked in with a very low vehicle height.

Modern trains and trams are usually equipped with air suspension between the bogie and the car body. It is used to improve the ride comfort as well as automatic level control. This means that passenger trains floors are kept in line with the railway station platforms at the service.

Currently the price of an air suspension kit is still very expensive, but very rewarding. A complete kit costs $ 2500 to $ 3500. To have a simpler kit without the compressor will cost you $ 1500 to U.S. $ 2500. The difference is that without the compressor cylinder the system does not fill itself with air automatically, and therefore the user has to fill it with air.

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