Research Paper on Safety in the Workplace

Accidents are not inevitable. There is set of rules, which aims to ensure safety and to prevent accidents in the workplace. These basic rules were designed by studying the accident records observed in various fields. They are essential.

    1. Risk situations:
      One may not start or stop installation without compliance with a specific written procedure.
      Any situation, where the risk level is temporarily increased, has to be reported. All the induced risks have to be identified, analyzed, and the compensatory measures have to be implemented.

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  1. Circulation: Machine / vehicle / cyclist / pedestrian:
    One may not exceed speed limits.
    Traffic rules have to be respected within and outside working areas.
  2. Gestures / postures / tools:
    One may not work without the tools appropriate for the job and its environment.
    Any inappropriate or unequipped for an object manipulation or use of tools may cause injury.
  3. Protective equipment:
    One may not have the access to facilities and may not work without wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) general or special.
    Collective protection is preferred.
  4. Work permit:
    One may not work without a validated work permit.
    All works carried out on site require a work permit.
  5. Lifting operation:
    One may not walk under suspended load.
    Work involving a crane, hoist, or other mechanical device requires a prior risk assessment, equipment in good condition, qualified personnel, and access control area.
  6. Work using electrically powered equipment:
    Suitability of the electrical equipment has to be checked before use.
    On have to switch off and unplug the equipment before start any checks.
  7. Confined spaces:
    One may enter a confined space without checking isolation and without atmosphere control.
    One may enter a confined space (capacity tank, bowl, etc.) only under supervision and only after the atmosphere and isolation being checked.
  8. Excavation work:
    One may not perform excavation work without according to the basement plan.
    Excavation work carried out manually or mechanically, including dredging in the river or sea, may begin only after performing a risk assessment and identifying all hazards in the area.
  9. Work at height:
    One may not work at height without a safety harness and collective protection.
    Work at height have to be performed from fixed or mobile platforms with railings designed for the task at hand.
    Work on roofs (buildings, tanks) hove to be performed only after checking the soundness and implementation of appropriate protection.
    Ladders as means of access may be used only in exceptional cases.

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