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Albert Einstein was a German-born physicist who has changed the human conception of time, space and the universe by his fundamental theory of relativity.

Although Albert Einstein was not very good at school, his love for physics and mathematics emboldened him to enter the prestigious then Zurich Polytechnic. After graduating Minkowski’s course, he continued his studies while teaching mathematics. In 1905, he received his doctorate and recognition of the scientific community due to his thesis on molecular size. The same year he published other fundamental treatises on the light (photon), Brownian motion, and finally, the theory of relativity establishing the equivalence relation between mass and energy.

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He showed that the characteristics of time and space were not absolute, but “relative” to the observer. In the following decade, he elaborated his theory of general relativity and received the Nobel Prize for his work in physics 1921. After Hitler came to power in 1933, Einstein, despite his fame and influence in Europe, had to leave Germany because of the growing anti-Semitic and nationalist sentiments. Twenty years later, he, who was then a professor at Princeton University, was to witness the testing of a nuclear bomb, which was created partly due to his atomic theory.

Among other interesting facts from the life of this great scholar, students, who write their research papers on Albert Einstein, have to mention the fact that during the last years of his life, Einstein had been working on a unified field theory. This theory mainly refers to a possibility how to describe with a single equation the interaction between the three fundamental forces: electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear. Most likely, an unexpected discovery in this area made Einstein to destroy his work. It is also very interesting that in 1952, Albert Einstein declined to take the post of President of Israel. However, he bequeathed all his works to the University of Jerusalem.

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