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Alfred Hitchcock, (born August 13, 1899 in Leytonstone, Greater London, United Kingdom, and died April 29, 1980 in Bel Air, Los Angeles, United States States) was an Anglo-American director, producer and writer.

After having quite a success in UK at the time of silent films and early talkies, Alfred Hitchcock decided to settle in Hollywood. In April 1955, he acquires the American citizenship, while remaining British citizen.

During nearly sixty years of his career, Alfred Hitchcock made fifty three full-length films, some of which are considered to be among the most important in the art of the cinema by their success, by public reception and by their significance for posterity. Here are the most known of his movies: The 39 Steps, Notorious, Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, or The Birds.

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Hitchcock, also known as the master of suspense, pioneered many techniques in the genre of thriller. He is considered one of the most influential in terms of style and the art of creating the suspense in the movie. His thrillers are characterized by a clever combination of tension and humor. His favorite themes were fear, guilt and loss of identity. A theme that is also very common in his works, with some variations, is that of the victimized innocence.

Hitchcock, who was also endowed with an acute sense of self-promotion – particularly through his cameos – remains one of the most recognizable personalities of the twentieth century.

Alfred Hitchcock was and remains a principal figure of psychological thriller genre. Many of his films remain unsurpassed tops of the cinema. All this should be taken into account by college and university students when writing their research papers devoted to this eminent person of the world of cinema. They will have to not only scrutinize the biography of the director, but also personally familiarize themselves closely with the most famous examples of his work. In addition to that, they must tell about Hitchcock as a person. How his friends and family knew him. What his wife, whom he lived for 60 years with, told about him. It is necessary to explain the huge impact that Alfrem Hitchcock had and still continues to have on the world cinema.

In order to write a decent research paper on Alfred Hitchcock, first of all, you need the profound knowledge of the cinema history. You should be able to give convincing arguments to support your position. You should clearly and correctly describe in your proposals, the results that most clearly show your main idea. In addition, you should make an effort to produce a structured and semantically sequenced presentation of your research paper. If you do not have enough confidence in yourself, you are advised to seek the assistance of free sample research papers on Alfred Hitchcock.

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