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The American Dream is a widespread in the U.S. doctrine, according to which every American has an open opportunity to succeed – and even to be elected president – thanks to his qualities, such as diligence, courage, sexuality, perseverance, and determination. The term “American Dream” is often used to describe any national ideology that unites Americans. Its quintessential idea is that every person; who has abilities, energy, and ambition, can honestly be successful in life, become a respectable and wealthy person. Despite the fact that according to many skeptics the doctrine is a social utopia, it remains one of the main driving forces of migration to the United States.

The variety of nationalities and races that inhabit the U.S. territory and have a relatively small historic period for the assimilation, feel an urgent need to formulate a unified doctrine that would have rallied people from around the world into one nation. That doctrine was happened to be the “American Dream,” which was cultivated for decades and gave every American the belief that he or she can succeed or even become the president of the United States of America.

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However, every resident of the United States invests in the definition his or her own idea of ??a bright future. Usually this thesis is considered one of the principles of the Protestant work ethic. The term “American Dream” appeared a half century after the formation of the United States.

When you made a decision to prepare a good research proposal on the subject, you have made a first step to a success scientific project, but there is a set of rules you need to know to finish started work. Which you may find in free research paper topics on the American Dream. First of all, you must choose a speaking name for your research project. Pretentious and abscond titles and puns are not as attractive as it may seem at first glance. It is much more profitable to keep it simple and obvious. In addition, it will increase the likelihood that you will be quoted.

Pay particular attention to the information that your readers require, when studying your investigation, which may be the model description or analysis of the data, and do not overload the text with details that may have been important in the study, but not relevant for the readers.

Your paper should follow the course of a specific investigation. It does not have to answer any additional questions concerning the subject of your research.

If you have decided to ask opinions of your friends on your work, keep in mind that constructive criticism is the greatest help you can get.

Make sure that your work is easy to read. A pile of jerky simple sentences, even grammatically correct, is unpleasant to read.

A clear, concise, and grammatically correct English. Period.

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